Development of the Several Integrated Degree of Freedom Demonstrator Simulator

Development of the Several Integrated Degree of Freedom Demonstrator Simulator paper was present at the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering Conference 2004.

The topic of the paper is the design and development of the Several Integrated Degree-of-Freedom Demonstrator (SIDFreD) that was designed and built by the Carleton University Simulator Project (CUSP) team over the past two years. The design of SIDFreD allowed all of the students in the project to crystalize both theoretical and practical understanding of how components interact in a tightly integrated simulator. The design of SIDFreD also allowed the students and faculty to appreciate design in an inter-disciplinary environment. The inter-disciplinary design ap- proach significantly benefitted the technical design of SIDFreD from the project specification through to the detailed design stages. The paper will present SIDFreD as a case study in inter-disciplinary design. The technical aspects of the SIDFreD design will be presented in detail. The integration of the inter-disciplinary nature of SIDFreD and correspondingly its design team will also be highlighted.


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