Nepean Private Hospital takes on med students

Nepean Private Hospital takes on med students

NEPEAN Private Hospital is now a teaching arm of the University of Sydney.

Medical students from Sydney Medical School Nepean will be able to go to Nepean Private Hospital as part of their four-year training to become doctors.

The medical school teaches more than 200 medical students at Nepean Hospital each year.

The announcement was celebrated last Thursday by students, and staff of the medical school and Healthscope.

Sydney Medical School year four student Daniel Vagg said: “The opportunity to visit patients at Nepean Private Hospital and accompany clinicians on their ward rounds is certain to add a new dimension to our medical education.

“In addition to reducing the number of students attached to a particular team, we will be exposed to many conditions and surgical procedures not commonly encountered in the public hospital.”

For his colleague, Nicholas Spooner, the chances of more individual teaching is an attraction.

“Dividing our education between both public and private hospitals will further increase our understanding of the healthcare system and different modalities of healthcare provision,” he said.

Associate Dean Sydney Medical School Nepean Prof Michael Peek said the excellent facilities and staff at Nepean Private Hospital will add another dimension to teaching.

“We are very honoured and excited to play a part in shaping the doctors of the future,” he said.

“Healthscope, Nepean Private, the doctors and the staff at Nepean are committed in assisting with this training.”

Nepean Private Hospital general manager Helen Lonergan said students will accompany consultants on ward rounds and watch a number of different surgical procedures.

“Much of this training, especially elective surgery, is not possible in the public system,” she said.

Tom Rubin, executive officer medicine, thanked all visiting medical officers and Nepean Private staff for helping to train the doctors-in-waiting.


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